23 February 2011

Butterfly Gift

In a world where financial indicators and political strategy dominate.

On a planet where the ruling species wages war to secure resources and impose will.

As the economic system begins to show the cracks of greed and excess, a host of little butterflies have decided to grace the pages of the little human being blog.

Masters of transformation, butterflies have a gift to share. They have a gift to bestow upon humanity.

For each and every butterfly was at some stage in the past a lowly worm. A worm eating all in its path. A lonely little insect that only looks after its own interests. Worms do not share, worms do not care. A worm has one purpose and that is to consume.

So, how does a worm come to be a butterfly?

The truth is that we do not know. Some of our best scientists have made up words like "metamorphosis" and "transformation" to help them hide their lack of understanding. You know this to be true because you can read as many books as you wish about the subject and you still will not be able to turn into a butterfly.

You may understand something with you mind, but theory is a far cry from the truth of reality.

The butterflies have come to let us know that there is a process of transformation that awaits all of mankind.

Within each and every person lies an all consuming worm, but within each and every little human being there lies the potential for change. The potential for transformation.

Today the butterflies have metamorphed into your world to remind you of the joy and beauty that awaits when you decide to spread your wings.


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