13 February 2011

The Sunday Interview

This morning our special guest for the Sunday Interview on the ever popular Little Human Being Blog is:

The Little Orange Bird of Happiness. 

Little Human Being - LHB: I would like to welcome you to our offices this morning, it is truly a happy occasion having you here.

Little Orange Bird of Happiness - LOBoH: Cheep cheep...

LHB: How would you describe yourself and what you do?

LOBoH: I am the feathered manifestation of the essence of Happiness. It is my duty to ensure that happiness is available to any and all.

LHB: Why then is there so much sadness in the world?

LOBoH: Reine, that is a very good question. I have spent lifetimes asking that same question and still do not have the complete answer. I used to think that you human beings were simply not as intelligent as other life forms. Later I came to the conclusion that you were all fast asleep, but now i realize that there are 2 little factors that unite to cause all the confusion.

LHB: And they would be?

LOBoH: Time and Place

LHB: I do not understand?

LOBoH: Oh, fear not, it is very easy to understand. It is the doing part that you all seem to battle with.

LHB: Uh Ha...

LOBoH:  Lets start with time. For some reason humanity decided to hide happiness in the past or reserve it for the future. How many times have you thought that happiness will only be allowed into your life when some future happening is met? As people get older they remove happiness from the present moment and place it in a memory. Once relegated to the past it is extremely difficult for me to do my job. I do not have access to the past or future. I can only bring happiness into the present moment - NOW

LHB: Since we started advertising your interview on the Little Human Being Blog we have been inundated with thousands of questions that little inhabitants of planet Earth would like to ask you. Many people are not too worried about happiness, it is the sadness that bothers them. "No matter what I do, no matter what I get, no matter how happy I am, there is always a hollowness that follows me..... (I) pretend to be happy, but something is missing in my life..."

LOBoH: That question brings us to the second part of the problem.... PLACE. Some time in the past mankind moved. You, for some or other reason, moved the seat of your existence from your heart to your mind. The mind is a very busy place. Filled with chatter, ideas, fears, hopes and aspirations. The mind is ever searching. As long as it exists it will strive for more. It is the nature of the mind to be unsatisfied.

LHB: Then we're doomed!!!!

LOBoH: The heart on the other hand is at peace, calm and complete. The heart is where love and contentment reside. Love unifies All.

LHB: So all I have to do is get into the present moment and shift from my mind to my heart?

LOBoH:  It is a journey that will call upon all the gifts that you possess. You will need courage, patience, fortitude and more. It is no small task, but I believe you can do it.

LHB:  Everybody knows you as the bringer of happiness. Why is is that you sometimes leave little humans for extended periods of time?

LOBoH: I never leave any being. Happiness is your birthright. I, like air, am always by your side. Just as the abundance of the universe is yours to claim, so too do I patiently await your acceptance.

LHB: Little Orange Bird of Happiness it has been quite a journey sharing your insights. On behalf of all the little human beings you serve I would like to thank you for all the happiness you have brought into the world.

LOBoH: Cheep Cheep...

Check-in next week for another mind altering interview with the Little Purple Bird of Wisdom..


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