28 February 2011

Month End Quotes

 After one month of blogging Little Human Being is starting to find its rhythm. This final post for the month is made up of  selected quotes and excerpts from February's articles:

".... the outer world is only a microcosmic reflection of the heart's inner domain." - The Little Warrior Interview

"..inner peace can not be found through violence." - The Little Warrior Interview

"...for those who have forgotten the miracle of our existence" - Magic is Everywhere

"Masters of transformation, butterflies have a gift to share. They have a gift to bestow upon humanity." - Butterfly Gift

"... the joy and beauty that awaits when you decide to spread your wings." - Butterfly Gift

"Imagine if all the human beings on the the planet decided simply to love one another more. " - Angels

"...those who are wise embrace silence." - The Little Purple Bird of Wisdom Interview

"There are keys of integrity that grant access to friendships and family." - The Secret Key

"... weaving its magic into the tapestry of your existence." - Life

"The beginning and end of Eternity." - Quote on death from Steve the Crazy Cat

"Silence is the center of the universe. Ever near yet ever elusive, silence awaits us all." - Silence

"Love is that special resonance, that special feeling that resides within all." - Be My Valentine

"It is the nature of the mind to be unsatisfied." - The Sunday Interview

"Change manifesting itself as eternal cycles of newness. A little human sitting in the center of an ever expanding universe. A thousand stars shining down their magic as silence filled the air." - Breath

"Where are the wise leaders who can teach and lead from the heart?" - The Little Sage

"You may choose to forget, but the memory remains..." - The Party Animal

"Balance can be seen in every aspect of natures miracle. Harmony resonates through all the layers of existence." - Balance and Harmony

"We humans are designed to be still. Relaxation is yours to claim. Peace is your birthright. Serenity should fill your life." - Steve the Speedy Snail

"That place within where infinity finds a home. That place within where Source finds its source..." - The Love Bug

"... she would go inside, listen to the music flowing through her heart and dance in that space of beauty that exists within us All..." - The Little Dancer

"As human beings we posses potential beyond our wildest dreams." - Little Human Being Blog Goes Live

"Currently humanity stands divided. We divide ourselves by almost any means possible. We use race to divide, we use colour to divide, we use nationality to divide, we use politics to divide, we even use opinions to divide.

Little Human Being and this here blog are here to remind people that we may be divided by external forces, but within ourselves we shall always be united - by our humanity." - About Little Human Being


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