01 March 2011

The Little Dreamcatcher Story

One day in a land far far and away a little girl was walking across a field. The sun filled the sky and green hills rolled out in every direction.

Out the corner of her eye the little girl noticed a strange little purple thing waddling in the distance. It was furry and it had wings.

She cautiously approached until she could hear the thing singing. Only one furry winged entity can hold a tune - a dream. The little girl's mind started racing. She knew that dreams find their way across space and time when their dreamer is ready. She knew that dreams are not easy to catch, some people spend years chasing their dreams.

"What shall I do?"

There are 2 types of dreams. You get sleep-dreams and you get life-dreams. Sleep-dreams run through your mind every night, but this was a life-dream. Life-dreams are very powerful. Life-dreams carry with them hope and aspiration. A well initiated life-dream can change the destiny of its dreamer. A life-dream with the right intention and passion can change the destiny of mankind.

The little girl knew that this was no night-dream that she had encountered, but decided to use the old pretending to be asleep trick to catch it. She gathered a few stones, put them in her dress pocket, lay down in the soft grass and pretended to fall fast asleep.

It took a while, but the dream approached. When it was just a few steps away the little girl jumped. Simultaneously the dream turned and ran. The little girl set out after her dream.

They ran across the field. They ran up the hills, they ran down the hills. Every time the dream tried to take to the air the little girl would take one of those stones out of her pocket and throw the dream out of the sky.

They ran on and on and on, but the dream was always one step ahead of her. She had no more stones and tired legs, but just when the little girl was about to give up they ran past a nice long stick (I think it was an old broomstick). This was exactly what the little girl needed. She picked up the stick and with a big smile she chased on. Patiently she waited for the right moment. As the dream tried one last time to fly away the little girl used the stick and whacked that dream out of the sky like a baseball player hits a home run.

The dream flew, the dream fell.

With a big smile the little girl picked up her dream and put it in her pocket.


Dreams are everywhere. You will notice that children chase then every single day.
Some dreams are cute and fluffy, but there are others that demand endurance, perseverance and sometimes a large stick. 
Once you have your dream remember that nobody can take it away from you.

Find your dream, make it yours and then share it with the world.

The re-illustrated version of this post can be viewed here...


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