07 March 2011

Little Custodians

For thousands and thousands of years the custodians of planet earth lived in harmony with mother nature. She provided their food and she gave them shelter. In return the custodians carried the knowledge of her sacred beauty. The custodians carried this wisdom in their hearts and passed it on to their children and their grandchildren.

Every person, young and old, carried an innate understanding of their role in the web of life.

The sacred nature of existence was recognized by all.

Today 2 little friends have decided to visit and share some of their wisdom. They have come to let us know that change is in the air. They have come to let us know that the waiting is over.

Humanity is awakening and we are starting to remember our sacred roots. Little human beings everywhere are waking up to the light within and the memory in their hearts.

Our planet is awakening and as her custodians it is our duty to help her maintain life's fragile balance.

As we reintegrate ourselves into the web of life we will find that a new destiny awaits us and our planet...


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