27 March 2011

The Little Traveler's Mind Altering Interview

This morning our special guest for the Sunday Interview on the ever popular Little Human Being Blog is:

The Little Traveler

Little Human Being - LHB: Good morning and welcome to the LHB studios.

The Little Traveler - TLT: Thank you.

LHB: Little Traveler, your biography has been turned into an amazing short story. What is the name of this little book?

TLT: The Little Traveler and the edge of the world

LHB: Where does it start?

TLT: I was just a normal little girl, just like any little girl anywhere on the planet. One day I realized that I was not perfectly happy. Something was missing in my life and I did not know what it was.

LHB: Did you, at the time, own an iPad?

TLT: I did.

LHB: Did you, at the time, own an iPhone?

TLT: I did.

LHB: Did you, have a kitten and a boyfriend?

TLT: (head nodding...)

LHB: Imagine that! Having all a girl could dream of and still not being satisfied...
What happened next?

TLT: I made a promise to myself. I vowed to travel to the edge of the world and back to find what was missing in my life.

LHB: Where did you go?

TLT: Everywhere. I searched over mountains and into valleys. I crossed continents and oceans. I searched everywhere.

LHB: What did you find?

TLT: Many amazing things, but not that which I was looking for.

LHB: So then, why did you return home?

TLT: On my travels I uncovered something within myself. Something beautiful. Something tender, loving and amazing.

LHB: This was the point when you realized that what you were looking for lay within yourself?

TLT: Yip

LHB: What advise do you have for those little human beings out there who feel something is missing?

TLT: If you feel something is amiss, you are probably right. It is important to remember that this feeling of emptiness is not a curse, but a gift. It means that you are already on your own personal journey to Self-discover. You are the magic you seek in the world - it is already within you.

LHB: Are you saying that the love we seek in the world is the love that is dormant within ourselves?

TLT: This is the way it has always been and shall forever be.

LHB: Great, I feel so inspired... I think I am ready to journey to the edge of the world.

TLT: And best of all, you need not even walkout of your front door...

LHB: smiles...

TLT: smiles...

LHB: Little Traveler, on behalf of Little Human Being and our thousands of readers worldwide I would like to thank you for sharing your geographical explorations with us today.

TLT: Thank you

Join us next week Sunday for another mind altering interview.



  1. I love this one! it is really beautiful. Thank you Reine and keep writing!!

  2. This planet (luckily) is way too small for someone who is searching externally for answers.


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