09 March 2011

The Unconditional Love Bug

Last month the Love Bug (pronounced Lurve) came to make its acquaintance. Today the Unconditional Love Bug has decided to share some unconditional wisdom with us.

While many a man and many a woman invest time and energy in the search for love. There is a resonance of unity that surprisingly few encounter.

Love is always in the air, love is actually everywhere. Unconditional love is a slightly more elusive find. The Unconditional Love Bug is much bigger and even stronger that the ordinary Love Bug. The Unconditional Love Bug is not an emotion, it is actually a force of nature.

The Unconditional Love Bug gets its power from its simplicity, for it knows only love, it holds onto nothing else, it values nothing else. Through its simplicity it creates the space for acceptance, it resonates forgiveness and it has the power to empower.

No matter what the circumstances, no matter how good, no matter how bad things get, the Unconditional Love Bug is always by your side.


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