14 March 2011

Rainbow of Hope

Almost 2 decades ago a terrorist was released from jail in South Africa. With peace and reconciliation in his heart this old man took a nation from the brink of civil war and gave it a new destiny.

Nelson Mandela took the divided peoples of South Africa and gave us the only gift that could unite.

Nelson Mandela gave us hope.

Inside each and every little human being is a space that resonates with peace. When presented with the opportunity, all human beings embrace this peace.

There are many things that humanity has forgotten over the past century. There are many things that we have found, but one thing that we still seem to miss as a global culture is hope.

Hope is like love, it bubbles up from within.

Hope is like excitement, but it is far subtler and more powerful.

Hope can carry a person across any desert; hope is like a wave, the longer it exists the more power it builds.

Here in South Africa hope can be seen across the land. Hope is carried by the people, and it is this hope that manifests itself as the beauty and positive change that feeds our little rainbow nation.

If you are reading this from a far corner of our planet, it is a sign that hope has found you today. In South Africa we let hope uncover the peace, acceptance and smiles that unite us.

Let it be known that this hope is spreading across our little planet. Soon the time will come when one little rainbow nation’s hope will spread across the globe and united all human beings. The time has come for us to unite as a multiracial, multicultural rainbow of peace, harmony and happiness.

Let it be know that hope is on the way…

Let it be known that hope is here to stay…


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