12 March 2011

Grow Your Own

There was a time hundreds of years ago when food did not come from a tin. There was a time not so long ago that human beings were nourished not by supermarkets or superfoods, but by their relationship with nature.
Little human beings just like you used to grow their own food. Little human beings used to venture forth into nature and nature would provide the necessary nutrition and nourishment.
While you may still have to venture forth for a good cappuccino, you can grow amazing vegetables, fruits and herbs in your own back yard. While good dark chocolate may only be found at the corner store, you can grow berries, beans and chilies right at home. And for those whose access to mother nature is granted only by a window on the 27th floor of a building, a seed sprouter is all you need to get yourself started.
There is something that happens deep within when you eat food that you have grown yourself. It tastes different, it feels different and it nourishes more than just your body.

This is an invitation to nourish yourself on every level...


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