18 March 2011

Friday's Monsterous Encounter - The Litttle Monster of Self -pity

This week on Friday's Monsterous Encounter we do battle with the Little Monster of Self-pity.

The Little Monster of Self-pity is a very sad monster indeed. Spineless and weak the Little Self-pity Monster revels in the personal troubles and problems of the person it latches onto. Even if there are no real problems in its victim's life, the Little Monster of Self-pity will create woe and unhappiness in the mind.

The Little Monster of Self-pity convinces its victim of the injustice in the world and is very good at showing any person where life has been unfair.

As with any little monster, there is always a knight in shining armor willing to come and save the day. Today we have chosen the power of change to assist us in our conquest of this villainous villain. If you look honestly into your life and you find that the Little Self-pity Monster has made its way into your reality, know that it is time for CHANGE.

Change is a wonderful ally. Change knows no limitations. Change can operate between worlds, it brings newness into you life, it can bring newness into your thoughts and it can even bring newness into your emotional state - all you have to do is welcome change into your world.

If you take a closer look at the Self-pity Monster you will see that the first thing it removes in your life is courage. As you let change remove the objects that feed the little monster, make sure that you arm your self with courage.

Courage will carry you through the tough changes all the way to the newness you deserve. Remember that even if you cannot change a situation you can change your thoughts about it, or the way you react to it.

Find your courage and use it to carry change into your world. As the wave of courage and newness grows it will surely bring pride and joy into your life...

With the truth at your side no little monster stands a chance.

Check-in next Friday 
for another  
monsterous encounter
ha ha ha ha ha (ominously evil laugh)


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