20 March 2011

Sunday Interview with Reine Ackermann

This morning our special guest for the Sunday Interview on the ever popular Little Human Being Blog is:

Reine Ackermann

Little Human Being - LHB: Good morning and welcome to the LHB studios.

Reine Ackermann - RA: Cheers

LHB: About 6 weeks ago you started a blog called Little Human Being. What was your inspiration?

RA: I am in the process of  setting up a site for Little Human Being and the blog is simply a fun outlet for my illustrations and creative writing. By posting on the blog daily I add a bit of structure to my life.

LHB: What is your process? How do you come up with each days post?

RA: I wake up in the morning and then try and sneak out of bed before my wife wakes up and face the most important choice of the day; to draw or to write. Either I sit down with my 0.1mm black liner, watercolour pencils and paint brush to find a new little picture, or I open up the Little Human Being Blog and wait for a post to happen. If I have a post I create a picture for it. If I have a picture I write something that feels right, below it.

LHB: What is all the LITTLE in your posts?

RA: We live in a world where bigger and more are better. I aim to remind people that there is power in the LITTLE. True power comes from within, but we give it away mostly through ignorance.

LHB: A common theme in many of your posts is MICRO-WISDOM. What is micro-wisdom?

RA: If wisdom is the domain of great poets, leaders and philosophers then micro-wisdom is the wisdom that can be found in every single little human being. When a friend needs help or a family member asks advice any human being can access and share the micro-wisdom present in his or her heart. Every human being has access to micro-wisdom any time they desire.

LHB: Are you aware of all the international media hype surrounding Little Human Being?

RA: I do not own a television, so I miss a lot of the international news.

LHB: Your illustrating skill shave been likened to those of Leonardo DiCaprio. How do you feel about this?

RA: Leonardo who?

LHB: You know, the famous 14th century Renaissance man. He was an inventor, painter, sculptor and writer.

RA: I must admit that this great honour has eluded me.

LHB: Everybody knows about your extensive travels. From the Himalayas to far corners of the Amazon Jungle. Why not get a job and embrace the white picket fence that awaits everybody?

RA: I feel I lack the patience.

LHB: Is it true that you have been bitten by a crocodile?

RA: Yes

LHB: Is it true that you have been bitten by a piranha?

RA: Yes

LHB: Is it true that you have encountered many a great white shark while diving? (without a cage)

RA: Yes

LHB: You seem to embrace the wilder side of life. Looking at the planet today we see tsunamis, earthquakes, flooding and super storms. What is your take on the earth changes that we are living through?

RA: I am no meteorologist, I am no seismologist, but I do know that change is is the air. People all over our planet can see it. People all over our planet can feel it. Change is is the air an I believe that this is only the beginning.

LHB: Looking at the peoples of the planet we see an interesting new trend in some of the Arab countries. In Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and Libya amongst others, we see the common people rising united in revolt. Any ideas to share?

RA: I see this as a sign to leaders everywhere. People are most willing to follow submissively and they do not ask for much, but we are seeing a new trend where human beings have declared themselves worthy of freedom, truth and fairness.

LHB: Planet changing and people in up-rise. Is this normal?

RA: Definitely not. We are living in very special times. Change is in the air...

LHB: Looking at the world we see very little that has changed in the past few decades. The world's economic systems are falling apart, so where is it that you see this positive change?

RA: I see the internet as a physical manifestation of humanity's growing connectedness, our ever increasing unity. The internet provides access to any information, it knows no boundaries, no limitations, no discrimination.

LHB: What do you do when you are not blogging?

RA: I call the oceans home. I like to surf and dive as much as possible. When on land I enjoy spending time with plants. I have a great selection of medicinal and culinary herbs and enjoy growing anything edible. The concept that all our food comes neatly packaged and barcoded is rather strange to me.

LHB: Finally, where do you see Little Human Being going over the next 6 to 9 months?

RA: I plan to get the pictures neater - a few minutes on photoshop and they look a lot better and more standardized. Video's on YouTube are another fun project that will launch soon.

LHB: We wish you all the best for future projects and on behalf of Little Human Being Blog I would like to thank you for sharing your time and adventures with us.

RA: :)

Join us next week Sunday for another mind altering interview.

Our special guest next week on the Sunday Interview will be the Little Dancer and she will be sharing some of her rhythmic views on life.

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