24 March 2011

You are Awesome - share your awesomeness

This is another one of those SHARE pictures.

You are meant to share it with the world. Just like a smile that spreads joy in the world this little picture is mean to share awesomeness across our little planet.

How it works, you (the awesome person smiling at the Little Indian picture) have 4 options:
  1. You save the picture above to your desktop and then EMAIL it to any and all the amazing people in your life.
  2. Upload the saved picture to your FACEBOOK profile and then tag any or all the amazing people in your life in the picture.
  3. Look at the bottom of this post and you will see a TWEET button. "Click" "click" and then dedicate your tweet to that amazing person/s in your world.
  4. Next to the twitter button below is a FACEBOOK SHARE button. "Click" "click" and you can share the link to this post on your wall. You can type an amazing post dedicated to those special little people in your life to go with the link.

How are you going to share awesomeness in the world?

"click" "click" support awesomeness :)

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