10 March 2011

The Little Pixie Story

Once upon a time in a land far far and away there lived a little pixie.

The little pixie found life to be mundane and rather sad. One day he decided it was time for a change and so he went forth to look for happiness.
The little pixie looked behind the bushes. He climbed trees and even searched around a little pond looking for happiness, but happiness could not be found.

Sill searching he met a wise old sage. “Hello Mr W O Sage. Do you know where I can find happiness?” the little pixie enquired.

“Happiness comes from within.” Came the reply.

And so the little pixie continued looking for happiness, but changed his approach. This time he looked inside the bushes. He climbed into the pond and searched inside. He even found an old hollow tree and searched inside it. But happiness remained ever elusive.

Then the little pixie found a beautiful little girl meditating in a field.

“Ohm, excuse me Miss B L Girl, I am looking for happiness. Do you know where I can find it?” asked the little pixie.

“Easy, all you need to do is be open and receptive.” She replied.

The little pixie went home opened all the doors and windows in his house. He took the lids off all the jars in the kitchen and even kept his mouth open (and receptive) as much as possible.

This may come as a surprise to some, but despite all his new found openness and receptivity the little pixie came no closer to finding happiness. Despite all his searching within, happiness remained hidden.

The next day, mouth wide open, the little pixie continued his search.

Walking down the road the little pixie came across a big man with a big grin, polishing his big red sports car in front of a big house.

“Hello Mr B G Man, do you know where I can find happiness?” asked the little pixie.

“Money makes me happy” came his reply.

The little pixie headed home and spent the next 3 days gathering money. He had mountains of it. There was money in the kitchen, there was money in the garden, the bath was filled with money and the entire the lounge was filled with money. Everywhere he looked, all the little pixie could see was money, money, money.

Pixies are quite cleaver little things, but sometimes they just get it wrong.

After 2 weeks of looking within and being open and receptive the little pixie still had not found happiness.

Despite having more money than he could imagine, happiness could not be found.

The End

Let it be known that even money cannot buy you happiness if you do not truly understand the nature of reality.

The super-illustrated version of this little story can be viewed here...

little micro-wisdom story

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