31 March 2011

Quotes from the Blog - March

At the end of our second month online Little Human Being is really finding direction. We have 3 dedicated weekly features:
  •  Sunday's Mind Altering Interview
  •  Little Tuesday Q&A
  •  Friday's Monsterous Encounter
Each feature has its own page on facebook and we welcome any little human beings who would like to show their support.

Quotes from the Blog for March:

LHB: Are you saying that the love we seek in the world is the love that is dormant within ourselves?
TLT: This is the way it has always been and shall forever be. - The Little Traveler's Mind Altering Interview

Just like a smile that spreads joy in the world this little picture is mean to share awesomeness across our little planet - You are Awesome - share your awesomeness

Truth is alive... - The Mountain of Truth

... - You are Amazing - share your amazingness

I see the internet as a physical manifestation of humanity's growing connectedness, our ever increasing unity - Sunday Interview with Reine Ackermann

Natures beauty and abundance is to be shared by all... - Table Mountain, Cape Town - Our Little Mountain

Find your courage and use it to carry change into your world. As the wave of courage and newness grows it will surely bring pride and joy into your life... - Friday's Monsterous Encounter - The Little Monster of Self-Pity

Some think that our outer reality is vast and amazing, but the truth is that it pales in comparison to the beauty that is to be found within each and every human being. - Little Tuesday Q&A - What is the Universe?

Inside each and every little human being is a space that resonates with peace. When presented with the opportunity, all human beings embrace this peace. - Rainbow of Hope

 There is something that happens deep within when you eat food that you have grown yourself. It tastes different, it feels different and it nourishes more than just your body. - Grow Your Own

As you bring your consciousness into the present moment you will find that your passion for life grows and your future unfolds magically before you. - Friday's Monsterous Encounter - The Little Monster of Regret

Let it be known that even money cannot buy you happiness if you do not truly understand the nature of reality. - The Little Pixie Story

Humanity is awakening and we are starting to remember our sacred roots. Little human beings everywhere are waking up to the light within and the memory in their hearts. - Little Custodians

The fountain of love springs forth from the heart. - The Little Sage Interview

Find the abundance in your heart, let it grow, and then let it overflow into your life...  - Friday's Monsterous Encounter - The Little Greed Monster

..the spiral of existence is ever present yet never seen - The Spiral of Existence

Little Human Being would like to give a monsterously special THANK YOU to all 32 little human beings who have given this project a "LIKE" on facebook. It is thanks to you that this little blog will continue into April.


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