15 March 2011

Little Tuesday Q&A - What is the Universe?

Thus far on Little Human Being we have 2 weekly fixtures. The first is Friday's Monsterous Encounter and the second is Sunday's Mind Altering Interview.

As a third fixture we are proud to present Little Tuesday Q&A.

The Little Sage has agreed to answer at least one little question every week (on a Tuesday). If you have any question you would like answered simply post in in the comments section below or you can post it on the wall of the Little Human Being Group on Facebook.

To start off Little Tuesday Q&A with a "BANG" we have decided to ask the Little Sage the biggest question we could find...

What is the Universe?

As we all know, the Universe is an instantaneous explosion trapped in time.

To a small mind the universe is a pretty big place. To an open mind the Universe is simply a tiny flash of light existing in the heart's domain.

All the planets, stars solar systems and galaxies are created by your mind. This collection of heavenly bodies is bigger than your mind could ever comprehend.

If you decide to view the universe from the perspective of the heart you will find that this great creation is only a little sparkle of magic that exists within your very own heart.

Some think that our outer reality is vast and amazing, but the truth is that it pales in comparison to the beauty that is to be found within each and every human being.

So next time you look up that the stars as they sparkle their magic over the world, remember that each and every one of them exists within your heart.

If you have any questions you would like answered you can:
  • Post them in in the comments section below
  • Post them on the wall of the Little Human Being page on Facebook

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