29 March 2011

Little Tuesday Q&A - Who built the Pyramids?

The Little Sage is back to answer another question on 

Little Tuesday Q&A
big questions for a little planet

Today's question is:                   
What 's up with the Pyramids?

The Little Sage: For thousands of years people have been asking this little question, and they will still be asking it for years to come..

Who built the pyramids?

When were the pyramids built?

How were the pyramids built?

I could give you a thousand different answers, but I am rather going to give you the Truth...

The truth is that nobody actually knows. The technology that built the Great Pyramid on Giza Plateau in Cairo, Egypt is no longer on the planet. It is a lost technology that has escaped the memory of mankind.

Instead if focusing on what we don't know, lets look at what we do know. What we do know is that human beings were around when the pyramids were built. What we do know is that an incredibly advanced technology was used; a technology which none can replicate and the great pyramid is a feat which few, if any engineers currently on the planet can reproduce.

The mind finds itself perplexed, but if you look at this marvel with your heart you will see that magic is every where...

With your heart you will see that we human beings, way in the past, were doing things that were unimaginably amazing. We are incredible - just look at the pyramids...

So, in conclusion I would like to suggest that next time someone asks "How were the pyramids built?" you can tell them that that is the wrong question. The real question is "How awesome are human beings, how amazing is our planet?" and as we all know, we are amazingly amazing!!!!!!

big questions for a little planet

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