04 March 2011

Friday's Monsterous Encounter - The Little Greed Monster

The 3 eyed monster of GREED.

Whenever you encounter any monster you would do well to always keep it in front of you. Take time to look. Take time to analyze. Never drop your guard!

The three eyed greed monster has 3 versatile stalked eyes which are always on the lookout for more stuff, 2 short cumbersome legs and 1 large mouth which is open and ready to devour more, more, more...

Despite his rather attractive purple colour you are advised to keep a safe distance from the 3 eyed greed monster. 

Greed lacks imagination. Greed lacks trust. Greed feeds on the concepts of lack and scarcity. Please let it be known that most of the world's lack, need, greed and scarcity comes from a mentally generated concept proliferated by economists and advertising agencies.

Your main defense against the 3 eyed greed monster is an integrated understanding of the abundant nature of the universe.

Abundance is everywhere. Abundance starts within, not in your mind, but in your heart.

Find the abundance in your heart, let it grow, and then let it overflow into your life...

With the truth at your side no little monster stands a chance.

Check-in next Friday for another monsterous encounter ......  ha ha ha ha (ominously evil laugh)


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