06 March 2011

The Little Sage Mind Altering Interview

This morning our special guest for the Sunday Interview on the ever popular Little Human Being Blog is:

The Little Sage

Little Human Being - LHB: Good morning great white bearded sage and welcome to the LHB studios.

The Little Sage - TLS: Good morning.

LHB: I am sure everybody wants to know how you became a Great Sage?

TLS: I am simply an old man who has dedicated his life to uncovering the truth within. No more, no less.

LHB: Do you have any advise for all the aspiring sages and wise men out there?

TLS:   I have noticed that all the great souls of the past have one thing in common, they all dedicated their lives to the service of humanity.

LHB:That sounds like rather hard work, wouldn't life be a lot easier if people just stayed home and watched television?

TLS: I think it may.

LHB: Moving on. Everybody is talking about your short story The Little Sage and the hole in the whole of the world. Please share some details with us.

TLS: Mine is a story about a Great Sage, white bearded with wisdom who notices that something is amiss in the world. The great sage then leaves his mountain retreat in pursuit of a solution.

LHB: Does the Great Sage end world hunger, ensure world peace and reverse global warming without breaking a sweat?

TLS: Unfortunately not.

LHB:  Does he break a sweat?

TLS: Yes.

LHB: Does he solve any of these problems?

TLS: Not one...

LHB: What is the use of greatness if you cannot use it to improve the world we live in?

TLS: That is a very good question. I took that same question, followed it to its essence and found that a human being does not have to wait for greatness before they start on the journey of service.

LHB:  But isn't it much easier for great human beings to change the world?

TLS:  I believe that all human beings are great. We all have the same capacity to heal, the same capacity to bring love and light into this world.

LHB: So, of all the problems facing humanity which do you feel is the problem that most needs to be addressed?

TLS: Us human beings.

LHB: I don't think you understand. Which problem should we solve first? You know, we can save the fish, solve the energy crisis, house the poor or cool the planet down. There are millions of problems out there.

TLS: You may see many small problems, but I see only one big problem and when addressed all the little problems will solve themselves.

LHB:  Only one?

TLS: After years meditating on the subject in my mountain cave I have found the source of all our problems. There is a hole in the whole of the world. This hole resides in the heart of mankind. If we heal the hole inside humanity, we heal the hole in the world and balance will be restored to the universe.

LHB: Wow, how do we do that?

TLS: It seems people have forgotten that they are actually human beings. Human beings are the most special beings in existence. Humans carry the essence of love into creation. Humans beings are the custodians of choice, integrity, forgiveness, peace and honour. Our true nature is sacred, but it seems the people of the planet have forgotten this.

LHB: All we need to do is remember our true nature and balance will be restored to our world? Why not just run a few ads on TV after the news,  I can see it now (Big arm gestures) "WE ARE SPECIAL"

TLS: Great idea, but it doesn't work quite like that. Truth needs to awaken from within a being. The fountain of love springs forth from the heart.

LHB: So, how do we get other people to awaken to this understanding?

TLS: This is where it gets really simple. You don't. You don't get other people to love or to care or to awaken. All you have to do is get your-Self to awaken. Find the love, find the peace, the balance and harmony with yourself.

LHB: To save the world I must save myself? To balance the solar system I balance myself? To bring harmony to the universe I need only find the harmony within myself? 

TLS: (smile)

LHB: (smile)

TLS: (smile)

LHB: Great Sage it was great chatting to you today, we look forward to the release of your story The Little Sage and the hole in the whole of the world and hope to see more of you on Little Human Being.

TLS: Thank you

Join us next week Sunday for another mind altering interview. 


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