13 March 2011

The Little Mountain Climber Interview

This morning our special guest for the Sunday Interview on the ever popular Little Human Being Blog is:

The Little Mountain Climber

Little Human Being - LHB: Good morning and welcome to the LHB studios.

The Little Mountain Climber - TLMC: Thanks.

LHB: So, what amazing talent or story do you bring to our interview today.

TLMC: Huh?

LHB: Have any great little stories been written about you?

TLMC: None that I know of.

LHB: What do you do for a living?

TLMC: I work at the mall in a sports shop.

LHB: So, what are you doing on the Sunday Interview? These interviews are reserved for great, amazing people like the Little Sage or those Birds of Wisdom and Happiness.

TLMC: I am just a normal guy.

LHB: Let me check with my supervisor. (Door creaking open, door slams loudly)

5 minutes later

LHB: (Door creaking open, door closes quietly) It seems that you, in your spare time, are a mountain climber and it is this talent that has brought you here today. Have you climbed any of the world's great peaks?

TLMC: No, my enjoyment of climbing is much more simple than that. When I have time I like to go with my friends and climb around on rocks.

LHB: What was your best day climbing?

TLMC: Any day out in a nature testing myself against the elements is a good day.

LHB: Why do you climb mountains? Why not just take photographs of them?

TLMC: For me each and every rock face represents a challenge. Some obstacles are easy to overcome, some take practice and perseverance, and then there are those that are impossible. As I embrace the challenge that a climb presents I uncover new aspects of myself. A photograph would not give me the same experience.

LHB: What has climbing taught you?

TLMC: I have learned to know myself better. Sometimes I get scared, sometimes I lose hope, but ultimately the outcome is up to me. Some climbs are too difficult for me, but I climb around them or I find a different route. Where there is a will there is always a way.

LHB: What about the dangers? Are you a fearless climber?

TLMC: Rock climbing is not dangerous, it's gravity that causes all the problems. When we climb we are always aware of the danger and then we take the necessary precautions. Fear is a natural response and it should never stop you from attaining your dreams.

LHB: Have you ever fallen?

TLMC: Many times, but with a rope and proper protection, falling is not a problem. All you do is gather your strength, get back on the rock and continue upwards.

LHB: So, by facing big challenges and overcoming your fears you have learned about yourself. Has this helped you in normal day to day life?

TLMC: Life is filled with challenges. Every day we encounter challenges, problems and opportunities for growth and learning. Just like the mountains I conquer, life's challenges can be overcome. With time we become better, with practice stronger and over the years wisdom comes to all.

LHB: I conclusion: Each and every one of us will at some time or another encounter a mountain (or 2) as we walk along life's winding road. Fear may be there, sometimes you fall and at times the obstacles before you may seem impossible to overcome, but today a little mountain climber has come to remind us that there is always a way to the summit.

TLMC:   :)

LHB: Mr Little Mountain Climber on behalf of Little Human Being and our thousands of readers worldwide I would like to thank you for sharing your geographical excursions with us today.

TLMC: Thanks

Join us next week Sunday for another mind altering interview.

Our special guest next week will be Reine Ackermann and he will be sharing some secrets about a little blog that he has started.


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