22 March 2011

Little Tuesday Q&A - What are cetaceans?

The Little Sage is back to answer another question on Little Tuesday Q&A.

Today's question is: What are cetaceans?

If you look in a dictionary you will find a very complicated Latin meaning behind the word cetacean. But read all ye may, you will not uncover the secret micro-wisdom behind this word.
For me cetacean means friend. Cetacean refers to our sea loving brothers and sisters the whales, dolphins and porpoises. 

Whales, the peaceful planetary wisdom keepers, are cetaceans.
Dolphins and porpoises, our playful fun loving friends, are cetaceans.

If you venture far enough you can swim with or encounter whales and dolphins in our great oceans. 

If you sit quiet and still you can encounter our cetacean friends in deep meditation.

Whales and dolphins are our friends. Let us care for them, let us honour them...

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