26 February 2011

Wild Life

One of the joys of living on a farm is the different creatures that you encounter.
Yesterday I was delegated the task of removing 2 hand sized hairy spiders from the ceiling - no problem. A few hours later sitting behind this here blog, a small hairy creature started tickling the underside of my left foot!

I knew it could only be one of those big hairys coming to thank me.

I slowly raised my left foot, but could feel him under my right. I managed to get both feet out of Mr Arachnid's venomous way and peered under my chair...

What a surprise to be greeted by a little field mouse. Beautiful little black eyes, timid and shy.

She has been sneaking under the front door, making her way to the kitchen and eating the cats food. Now that is what I call living on the edge.

I have been trying to find the gift in this little experience. It's not every day that a field mouse comes to tickle your toes.

Naturally, the experience is the gift, but my field mouse also showed me a little more...

I think it has something to do with courage, eating well and tickling those around you.

I look forward to writing a little story for my new friend...

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