27 February 2011

The Little Warrior Interview

This morning our special guest for the Sunday Interview on the ever popular Little Human Being Blog is:

The Little Warrior

Little Human Being - LHB: Good morning and welcome to the LHB studios.

The Little Warrior - TLW: Thank you, its' great to be here on this sunny Sunday.

LHB: So, what's your story?

TLW:   uHmmm, The Little Warrior and the battlefield of the Self.

LHB: Where can we get hold of this little story of yours?

TLW:   We are in the process of releasing The Little Warrior and the battlefield of the Self throughout cyberspace as an audio file on SoundCloud and as a YouTube video.

LHB: What is the story about?

TLW: It is about me, a young boy who lives in a jungle far far and away. Like any young boy in my tribe I was sent out into the jungle alone for one month - to become a man.

LHB: Did you become a man? You look like a little boy with a headband wearing yellow underpants.

TLW: I did.

LHB: Maybe your illustrator could have made you look more hard core. Do you not think that a mustache and a few weapons would make you more of a warrior?

TLW: not really

LHB: Today's best films and books are driven by violent special effects, elaborate sex scenes and/or unfathomably complicated conspiracies. I have had the pleasure of reading your little adventure and must say that for a story about a warrior and battlefields there was very little of either.

TLW: In a very simple way my little story is about courage. It is about courage, fortitude and strength in the face of a man's ever present weakness.

LHB:  Why "the battlefield of the Self."

TLW: To quote a passage from my little story; 

"Remember my friend, no matter where your journey takes you it is simply incidental, for the outer world is only a microcosmic reflection of the heart's inner domain."

LHB: So you are saying that reality only truly exists within?

TLW: The true enemies of any human being lie within. The true challenges of life can only be faced if you are willing to gather your courage and embrace your strength. Then you venture, as a warrior, into yourself to face these challenges.

LHB: What kind of enemies can one expect to encounter?

TLW: The enemies are different for everyone, but if you are willing to look with the eyes of truth you will encounter many challenges. You will find resentment, doubt and you will come up against anger. You will cross paths with jealousy and you will face fear.

LHB:  Wouldn't it just be easier to find an external enemy and declare war on them?

TLW: Some nations take that approach, but inner peace can not be found through violence.

LHB: You call yourself a warrior, but what weapons do you use? Where could I get the weapons necessary to take a stand against fear or to conquer resentment.

TLW: Every single human being on this little planet of ours has access to love. We all have access to forgiveness. We all have access to patience. With patience, forgiveness and love there is nothing that can stand in your way.

LHB: In conclusion: You came all the way from a jungle far far and away to share the message that with patience, forgiveness, love and a bit of courage we can face any of the challenges that lie within.

TLW:   :)

LHB: Mr Little Warrior on behalf of Little Human Being and our thousands of readers I would like to thank you for sharing your little story with us today.

TLW: It was a pleasure...

Join us next week Sunday for another mind altering interview. 

Our special guest will be the Little Sage and he will be speaking about his story - The Little Sage and the hole in the whole of the world.


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