09 February 2011

Steve the Speedy Snail

Once upon a time, in a garden far far and away there lived a snail...
Not just any snail, Steve was the fastest snail that ever lived. Steve could cross a garden path in under 3 minutes. Steve could climb vertical walls and on a good day Steve could almost keep up with a slow tortoise.

There was not a snail that could keep up with Steve. Steve had the pickings of the freshest leaves and the ripest veggies in the entire garden.

Steve was the man!!!

Steve even invested in a rather sporty chitinous exo-shell to replace his calcium carbonate model.

All the girl snails loved Steve. All the boy snails envied Steve. Everybody wanted to be Steve the Speedy Snail!!!

BUT - inside Steve was not happy :(
Steve longed to be like all the other snails.

Relaxed, peaceful, slow and serene.

And so one day Steve made the choice to slow down. Steve made the choice to be a true snail. Relaxation entered his life. Peace became his friend. Slow became an ally and serenity became the place from where he lived.

The End

I went to a city once and was  amazed to see so many people rushing around like Steve the Speedy Snail. 
We humans are designed to be still.
Relaxation is yours to claim. Peace is your birthright. Serenity should fill your life.

Just like Steve, it is only a choice away.
Your choice...

You can speed all you want, but remember it is only the snails that will love and envy you.

Thanks  - V

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