16 February 2011

Steve the Crazy Cat

He was the top cat.
Every cat in the neighborhood loved Steve. All the neighbors, even the birds loved Steve.

Steve spent his days climbing trees, eating, purring and sleeping. When he wasn't involved in one of those activities he was usually on his was to partaking in one of the aforementioned activities in another location.

Life was good...

One day Steve was on his way to engaging in one of those aforementioned activities. As Steve was crossing the road he looked left and then right, or was it right and then left. Nobody really knows.

What we do know is that Steve got it wrong.

What we do know is that a large SUV sent Steve to that place where all cats and cute little furry animals go:

The beginning and end of Eternity.

Our pets are amazing little beings. They come into our lives, share their magic and leave when the time is right. This post is for all the furry little animals that have helped make our human experience just a little more special.


  1. What a sad story...Is it in memory of a friend's cat whose time has come?

  2. Timothy left this dimension last week. I am not sure if he was crazy, I am not sure if he was the top cat, but I do know that "the beginning and the end of eternity" is a place that awaits all in incarnation.


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